Hiroshi Okamura

Hiroshi Okamura was born in Tokyo in 1975. He was majoring in Visual Communication Design at Nihon University, Collage of Art. He founded design collective Ages5&up and worked as designer, programmer, motion graphics designer and composer for 17 years as freelancer, and He founded 5&UP, Inc. He plays keyboards, drums and laptops for music band Delaware. He works as lecturer in Tokyo University of the Arts.

PDF Resume (Japanese)

"PoPoRon"  |  DIGITALOGUE  |  1996-1997

"PoPoRon" is a drawing tool for children. It is a web app which users can draw with candy, chocolate, and toys. The drawing will move and make sounds like an instrument. He made the app with Macromedia Director, released it as a thesis project in 1996. Digitalogue published it on CD-ROM in 1997.

Direction, Program, Graphic, Sound: Hiroshi Okamura
Graphic Design: Katsuya Nakamura
Produce: Naomi Enami

1997 So-net Creators Garage Grand Prize.
1998 Milia New Talent Pavilion.

"PostPet"  |  Sony Comunication Network  |  1997

"PostPet" is an E-mail client for Macintosh/Windows. A pink teddy bear delivers your e-mail.

Direction: Kazuhiko Hachiya
Program: Takashi Koki
Character Design, Graphic Design: Namie Manabe
Music, Sound: Hiroshi Okamura

1997 “’97 Multimedia Grand Prix“ Minister of International Trade
1997 “AMD Award '97“
1998 “AMD Award '98“ Network category
1998 “The Prix Ars Electronica ’98” Award of Distinction for Net category

"©1999 Ages5&Up"  |  Gasbook 6  |  1999

This is an animation for "Gasbook 6". Sparkling Lights. Released on VHS.
Information (Discogs)

Animation: Katsuya Nakamura, Hiroshi Okamura
Music: Hiroshi Okamura
Produce: Akira Natsume

"●"  |  Mind the banner project  |  2001

This is an interactive work. You can touching, pushing, pulling, stretching, polishing. but I don't know what it is.

"Mind the Banner" was an interactive art project on the world wide web curated by SHIFT and commissioned by NTT Data Corporation of Japan.
The participants were Ages5&up, Blast Radius, The Designers Republic, exonemo, Futurefarmers, Hi-Res, Kyle Cooper, Me Company, Namaiki, tomato interactive

Animation: Katsuya Nakamura, Hiroshi Okamura
Program: Hiroshi Okamura
Sound: Hiroshi Okamura

2001 "New York Festivals" Finalist
2001 "London Advertising International Awards" Finalist
2001 "Japan Media Arts Festival" Jury Selections

"cldc"  |  P.S.1 MoMA  |  2001

This is a java app on mobile phone for an exhibition "buzzclub NEWS From JAPAN" at "P.S.1 MoMA"

Animation: Hiroshi Okamura, Katsuya Nakamura
Program: Hiroshi Okamura

"h/m/s", "union"  |  The END  |  2002

This is a clock app on mobile phone.
"h/m/s" means hours, minutes and seconds. A day beginning, a screen is covered with blocks. The block will drop like a rain drop every 1 second.
"union" sounds stretching.

"The END" is an artist site on mobile phone curated by Hajime Tachibana and commissioned by NTT DoCoMo.
The participants were sqc.org, Maeda John, tomato interactive, Ages5&up, exonemo, Takashi Yamaguchi, Delaware.

Animation: Katsuya Nakamura, Hiroshi Okamura
Program: Hiroshi Okamura

2003 "Tokyo TDC Award" Interactive design award

Facade Animation  |  CHANEL  |  2004

These are facade animation for CHANEL.

Direction: Kazuhiko Hachiya
Animation, Program: Hiroshi Okamura

Logo Animation  |  Aixia  |  2005

This is a logo animation for Aixia Corporation. The animation is like a dog. Aixia is manufacturer of pet food and feeds for laboratory animals. built with Processing

Animation, Program: Hiroshi Okamura
Exective director: Masato Samata

3GSM World Congress  |  NTT DoCoMo  |  2006

Playing animation with multiple mobile phones.

Direction, Graphic: Masato Samata
Animation, Program: Hiroshi Okamura
Animation, Program: Takashi Yamaguchi

"RE<ORDS"  |  Delaware  |  2008

"RE<ORDS" is a japanese independent record label that just exists in iPhone.

Re<ords 002 (YouTube)
Re<ords 003 (YouTube)
Re<ords 004 (YouTube)

Direction: Masato Samata
Interaction, Program: Hiroshi Okamura
Music: Delaware

2009 "Japan Media Arts Festival" Jury Selections
2009 "GOOD DESIGN AWARD" Jury Selections

AudioVisual Mixer for INTO INFINITY  |  creative commons x dublab  |  2008

This app lets you mix various sound sources presented by artists around the world.
The app connects to a server where all the project's resources are stored, and automatically & randomly downloads the "EAR" sound loops each represented by an "EYE" circle. made with Cocos2D

Program: Hiroshi Okamura, Kensuke Sembo
Produce: Dominick Chen

OoA-Insight  |  TOYOTA  |  2013

"OoA-Insight" is a demonstrational and experimental app, which learns what you say. made with openFrameworks

Creative Direction, Concept Design, Design Direction: Ichiro Higashiizumi
Character Design: Masaru Ishiura
Technical Direction, Architecture: Takuya Shimada
Software Engineering: WOW Inc.
Software Production: Nadia
Server System Architecture: S2 Factory
Animation Direction, Prototype: Hiroshi Okamura

Color Cycle Animation Tool  |  Delaware  |  2016

"Color Cycle Animation Tool" is an animation generator. The app takes two images as inputs and combines 'Image' and 'Palette' in 8 bit(256 colors). It can take static images and also gifs as inputs.

Animation: Masato Samata
Program: Hiroshi Okamura

"Delaware" Live Show  |  PROFILE INTERMEDIA 9  |  2006

Crossmedia conference, "PROFILE INTERMEDIA 9" at "Profile Power House" in Bremen.

Vocal, Tape Recorder, Mobile Phone: Masato Samata
Vocal, Bass, Mobile Phone: Aya Honda
Vocal, Guitar, Drum, Mobile Phone: Yoshiki Watanabe
Vocal, Computer, VJ, Karate, Mobile Phone: Hiroshi Okamura
Video: Takashi Yamaguchi